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What's new ?

The new package polytechnique-beamer just came out. It's in beta version and will allow you to create slides.

Here is a preview of things that can be done with polytechnique-beamer, using different compiling modes and fonts :
- with pdflatex
- with xelatex
- with lualatex and other fonts

What ?

Opened to everybody, these sessions will be dedicated to presenting what can be done with LaTeX and especially with the two packages provided by TypographiX.

Come and make your first steps with LaTeX or discover what these packages could bring to your productions.

What to do before coming ?

Before coming to these sessions, you need to install LaTeX and the two packages provided by TypographiX.

You can get help from the beamer package's wiki to fully install LaTeX and learn how to install an external package, which will allow you to install the two packages made available in the resources section.

If you really stay stuck you can get help from the Binet Réseau in amphitheatre Sauvy on Tuesday 10th from 6.30pm to 8pm

If you are familiar with git and github.com, you should consider cloning the two package repositories instead of downloading the two archives, allowing you to easily keep updated.

Where and when ?

The sessions will take place in amphitheatre "Lagarrigue" on some tuesdays and thursdays.

You need to use this simple form to declare yourself and choose a time.

Contribute !

The packages are constantly evolving, depending on new ideas, bugs, etc. We are open to suggestions.

If you ever notice a bug or have an idea/a particular need, you can in the following order :
- File an issue or a pull request on the corresponding github repository
- Send a detailed e-mail to clement.durand+latex@polytechnique.edu

In any case, try and provide detailed information about the problem or idea, preferably giving a minimal example.

The packages


You can read the (french) documentation of the package in the file named polytechnique.pdf.

The polytechnique-beamer package has its (english) wiki on github.

Useful files

Here are the files used during the LaTeX sessions. They might be useful if you want to read them again later or if you intend to try and compile them yourself.

If you spot a mistake or have any question about it, you can contact Clément Durand via the email clement.durand+latex@polytechnique.edu !

Documentation about LaTeX really complete !

Generally, Google is the best way to obtain an answer about LaTeX. However, if sometimes you are lost, here is a list of documents that are quite well written and could help you.

General documentation

The LaTeX wikibook (exists in english) is the reference used to prepare the LaTeX sessions.
The LaTeX howto is also really complete.
The (not so) short introduction to LaTeX2e.

Specific documentation

The short math guide for LaTeX (AMS).
The comprehensive LaTeX symbol list