A binet (association) of typographers and grammar nazies, est. 2009.

Before anything

To begin with, we need to remind you how to write the name of your school. It is written École polytechnique, with an uppercase E with a diatric, and a lowercase p. You can shorten it to Polytechnique, with capital P, or l'X, with a capital X.


You have a paper due tomorrow and it is 11 pm? Your oral exam is in one hour and you haven't started your presentation? Here, you can learn the easiest ways to write beautiful documents at École polytechnique.

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Our first mission as a binet is to nurture and spread the enjoyment about beautiful typography in a world invaded by Microsoft Word and Comic Sans MS.

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LaTeX is a powerful and necessary tool for any scientific publications. If you want to learn more about the inner workings of LaTeX and its advantages over more traditional type setting software, come here!

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Come discover the wonderful members of the TypogaphiX binet.

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