Beautiful typography has never been this easy !

Quick start

Or how to start and finish a document in an hour.


Download the LaTeX template with the button below. Then, go on overleaf and click on “New project” then “Import a project”. Drag the zip you just downloaded on the window, then wait a few seconds.
From left to right, you will then see:
— the file structure, you will only need it to add images,
— the text editor, where you will modify the document,
— the final result in pdf, that you can download.
The document given contains an example report that you can modify (you only need to modify main.tex).

Download the LaTeX template


A PowerPoint template is available through the communication department. Go to the media kit page of École polytechnique's intranet website, then click on the button “Présentations PPT” in the “Kit Média” section. You can then download the most recent template file and open it, everything is explained inside.

Other documents

If the document you have to do is neither a report nor a presentation, then the TypographiX binet strongly encourages you to refer to the graphical charter of École polytechnique. For that, go of the media kit page and download it by clicking on “Charte École polytechnique”. It is sadly only available in French.

For more advanced users

Do not rely on the cloud anymore.

A LaTeX distribution

To compile your source code, you need a compiler and many packages! Depending on your operating system, use the following links to install a LaTeX distribution. For Linux, you should install texlive from your package deposit (it is rarely up-to-date, which means that the local version is behind the remote one and prevents you from using the tex-live package manager to auto-install packages)

Linux Windows Macintosh

A text editor

Although you could use any text editor, you should choose one adapted to LaTeX, like TeXmaker, TeXstudio or Kile. General purpose text editors, such as VSCode, have LaTeX extensions, but they might be harder to get used to.

Any OS


Now that you installed LaTeX, you can begin to write your first masterpiece. If you want more information (especially about having a layout compatible with the École polytechnique), you may find this on the page “LaTeX at the École polytechnique” (in the button down there), the page about LaTeX on the WikiX, or any tutorial about LaTeX, easy to find on the Internet.

The polytechnique packages

Prettier than the competitive exams!


TypographiX created the polytechnique packages to allow you to write without effort documents and slides with a good layout, consistent with the École polytechnique requirements. To learn how to use it, read on after!

Writing beautiful documents

The repository for the document package is available by clicking on the button below.

Package for documents

The proper documentation for this package only exists in French. An English documentation is in the works. In the meantime, you can use the overleaf template for reference (see above). The setup instructions are available in the file guide/installation.pdf. You can then read the documentation of the package in the file named source/polytechnique.pdf.

Creating beautiful slides

This package is still a work in progress and doesn't necessarily give the best results, in the meantime you can use the PowerPoint template.

The repository for the slides package is available by clicking on the button below.

Package for slides

The documentation for this package is available on the wiki of the repository. Please click on the button above to access it.